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It was my birthday and my mother with the children for the night, my partner Steve bought me a black leather miniskirt and a bit of my boobs hanging out or I could almost see my nipples got so low, I said to wear in that night when we sent Steve to dinner me sexy text message all day, told me to put my underwear fuck FINGRS crutchless because I was under the table, they were my pussy became wet and so on, was home from work, and I was naked, I almost jumped on him trying to tell him how I felt his cock getting cool, fuck I said no, but he opened my legs and fingers in my pussy until it reaches the bathroom was run, and went with a bottle of champagne, drank as much as he 'd said, I still wanted to catch, but he would not let me get that out of the bathroom and I can put on my make and retired, I felt a little sour and really cold, I felt a hot slag well, we went to a local hotel and told amand they, where are the night, said one can drink in the bar when i was in a type that in our house, but ended Massu had a shit about me, treated me like scum on the right was , insulting me and pulled my hair if sexhungrymoms I was Steve that love to fuck with him when he was the best fuck I ever had, so I was glad that swayed in the bar, we like the clubs, but Y I also love men to our house, emptied becauce i lost her number wouldnt sun II seemed to see again, was supposed to talk to him, he said, was burned fun we heard another boy appeared only after Kevin 's friend, who introduced integrated appearance was beautiful and very large, we stayed up all night talking with the guys, they told me to stop the time sexhungrymoms I was also bothered me, Steve said, the room and leave the account the bar, I have to pay, we got the key and got the lift to our room, I opened started playing with my pussy as I became so on, open the door of our room onet I saw Kevin and his friend in his boxers, he approached me and said :Congratulations on your birthday, you told me to strip and Kevin hit me around the face, then Kevin picked me up and threw me on the bed, he opened my legs Leo and bedridden, tied his arms up, so could not move, Kevin began to insult me ​​and I liked rough sexhungrymoms sex and my fantasy come true, but then came Steve went to bed and kissed sexhungrymoms me, told me happy birthday girl do u like year there, I told him I loved him, Kevin began to finger fuck my pussy until I was running in the ass, he got a pocket and pushed a vibrator in my vagina and began to condemn, Leo got up and put his cock in my mouth, I hd never seen a thick dick told him not fit in my mouth, I hit around the face and told me I had to do what he said when I was his dirty slg night, Steve was at the end of the sexhungrymoms bed and started finger fucking my ass,all the time calling me a dirty slag and sexhungrymoms beat me, Kevin took the vibrator and pushed his rock hard cock in sexhungrymoms my pussy, which exploded in me, and Leo, said it was him, I said, I would have no tail, as was so great, Kevin, came out of his pocket a whip and told me that if I could get a word he hit me with a whip, I feel the tip of sexhungrymoms the cock in my pussy, Leos said and started to sexhungrymoms moan, Kevin has the whip and hit me on my tits, I groaned again as it was once said that Steve Leo out of the way as he fucks his dirty slag was wet and the tail of Leo, gets his cock licked I run my pussy right away, he slid his cock in my pussy ants in the ass, he fucked me until it was almost cuming then pulled out his cock and cum in my pussy, pushing Leo and leaned over me and his cock in my wet Fanny, I moaned as he held was so great, Kevin hit sexhungrymoms me with the whip, he pushed his cock in my mouth and Steve has the vibrator and stationsrts fucking ass, I would say this is your fantasy real bitch dirty, spent hours remain screwed up until I was all over me, I got second was in the shower, I suddenly felt hands on my leg press was open Kevin leaned over and began licking my pussy, he ended up pulling me out of the shower and fucks me on the floor, while the other two are I grew up their sexhungrymoms tails when Steve kevin cum on me and grabbed me hard reall it is the turn of Leo, I was excited for himself and could not wait for me, maybe we all went to sleep, I awoke in the morning to play in three pairs of hands, my whole body, not to say has had another good fuck session, which was sore for 3 days later, r going to meet again and I can not wait
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